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How to Get Rid of
Hard Water

Water softener and filter installation in Calhoun, GA & Adairsville, GA

Are you concerned about the water coming out of your faucets? In Calhoun & Adairsville, Georgia, the water ranks at an eight on the hardness scale when it should be at four. Even well water is hard because of the area's geography. Weaver Plumbing offers water softener installation in the Calhoun, GA area.

We use Sterling water softeners and filter to help prevent limescale and calcium buildups on your showerhead and faucets This potentially damaging buildup is often a sign of larger problems. You may need to replace water heaters, dishwasher, and fixtures if the hard water problems aren't fixed.

Call (770) 608-4815 today to schedule water softener installation in the Calhoun & Adairsville, GA area. Ask about our city filter.

3 worthwhile reasons to install a water filter

Clean water is vital for your health and wellbeing. If you're worried about what's coming out of your tap, call Weaver Plumbing. We will come out to collect water samples and send off to test for free. We offer water filter installation in the Calhoun, GA area. The right filtration system will:

  1. Remove parasites, chemicals and metals in the water
  2. Provide safe drinking water anytime you want it
  3. Reduce your plumbing repairs by eliminating metals and minerals from your pipes

Contact Weaver Plumbing today to learn more about water filter installation in Calhoun, GA & Adairsville, GA.

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